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“If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.”

–   John Dewey


At Servite, we use ICT to enhance our pupil’s learning experience.

Following a well-established computing curriculum, we use our facilities to enhance learning across all subjects, whilst challenging our children with some quite advanced programmes in ICT! We use Espresso to teach the children the basics of coding and even get them to create their own apps and games.

We encourage pupils to share their work online and evaluate each other’s creations- some of the children are surpassing us in the computing stakes!


We have a wonderful computing suite with 14 PCs. This room can be booked for up to an hour per class and is a well-used resource.

We also have a range of portable technology which can be used anywhere in the school.

These include:

  • A class set of laptops          
  • A class set of netbooks
  • 30 iPads
  • Bee bots
  • Floor turtles
  • Interactive voting pads
  • Digital cameras
  • Sound recording devices
  • Video cameras
  • Flipcams
  • Digital sensors
  • We’re tech savvy at Servite!

In addition to these facilities, our classrooms are also well equipped with technology: two PCs, an interactive whiteboard and a visualiser are provided to each year group to use at their leisure.


Fronter is our virtual learning environment, which is used to communicate between both school and home and parent and teacher.

Tasks are set online and links to helpful resources and pictures of the children’s work are displayed on there- but don’t worry, we don’t expect everyone to have access to a computer at home; we hand out paper copies too!

Not only is Fronter a place for us to communicate with you, but it is also a great space for parents to interact with each other outside of the school playground!


Our blog is a space for the children to share and comment on each other’s work in an honest and open forum. Including everything from poetry to painting, it is a space for our children to get creative with technology.

We jump at any opportunity to share the children’s learning with you as parents, and now we get to share it with the world!

Click here to access the school blog


In a world where children have almost constant access to the Internet, we encourage our pupils to stay safe online. Through workshops and interactive sessions, we ensure that our children are aware of the dangers of the Internet!

Not only do we help the children understand how to stay safe online, we educate our parents too. With workshops and events run in school we hope to encourage parents to promote e-safety at home as much as we do in school.

Click here to access the parent E-Safety section: Keeping Safe Online