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Spring Term Pupil Circle and Assembly themes

For the first half of the Spring Term, we are focusing on pupil well-being and mental health during all of our Key Stage assemblies and pupil circle groups. At Servite, we realise the importance of the children being happy and secure in their minds, so that they can learn and flourish to the best of their abilities.

In the first circle of the year, the children - extremely maturely - discussed things that made them worried or anxious at school and at home, and then advised each other in ways that they can help themselves during these tricky times. The Key Stage assemblies last week, backed up by the wonderful Year 6 class assembly on Friday morning, encouraged the children to be resilient when they face challenges; to not let themselves be knocked down if they fail to do something hard at the first attempt. The children again gave some excellent advice to each other about strategies they can employ when they are not feeling confident.

Throughout all of the discussions this term, the children will be returning to the same point: Thinking positively. It cannot be stressed enough how much this can help all of us to achieve our goals.

We would encourage you at home to refer to this and help us to get positive thinking flowing through everyone at Servite.