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Playground Zones

This Monday saw the launch of our long-awaited Playground Zones during the lunch break. In a break with tradition, the children are no longer bound to a particular playground depending on which year they are in.

The playgrounds are now organised into different zones and the children from Years 1-6 are free to go wherever they wish and join in a variety of activities - some adult-led and others run by the children.

There are now 6 different zones - 5 outdoors and 1 indoors - which we hope will offer the children the variety of play that they require, offering both energetic outdoor games alongside quiet, indoor play or spaces to read and reflect. 

The only zone that is on a rota is the football zone - each class has 1 lunchtime per week when they can play football. It is hoped that this will encourage engagement in a wider-range of activities for all the children, as well as making the playgrounds generally a more pleasant place to spend the lunchtimes. 

As the system progresses and we assess what else we can provide to have a positive-impact on the children and their well-being, other zones will be introduced. 

We hope that these zones, alongside the huge changes that we have made in the lunch-hall, will have an overwhelmingly positive effect on the children and enhance their enjoyment through the whole school day. 

The school is extremely grateful to Mr McGhee for his efforts in setting up and launching both of these projects, which both seem already to be huge successes!