Servite Roman Catholic Primary School

Home Learning

We aim to:
Support and encourage pupils’ learning in language by offering opportunities for them to practise new skills learned in the day and consolidate knowledge in their home environment.
Encourage children to read as much as possible at home. Books are selected to go home in book bags.
Set spelling activities according to ability and consolidate or extend work covered in class – spelling rules, spelling words and sentences.
Additional language work may be offered, or work sent home to be finished, e.g. writing
From Reception and throughout KS1 and early KS2 if applicable, set phonics activities to help the children learn and practise their letter-sound correspondence for both reading and writing.
Each week the children will receive a homework overview:

The homework overviews have the same layout for each year group, giving consistency to the children as they progress through the school. In all year groups, children receive a short maths task, spellings and daily reading. This increases slightly in Year 6, as the children prepare for the SATs. (see examples)

The aim of this is to enable parents to support their children to become independent and organise their time so that they are able to become more independent and skillful in time management, whilst balancing their out of school activities and family life. 



  • Through regular practice, children improve their ability to problem solve becoming better at making links with all areas of maths and they pick up new ideas quickly in order to move on more readily to the next steps of learning
  • Provides the teacher extra assessment opportunities, where individual children’s understanding is confirmed allowing for further explanation and addressing possible misconceptions.'


Reception to Year 2:

Number bonds 


Year 3 to Year 5: 

Mental Maths


Year 6:

Mental maths

Reasoning and exam type practise in preparation for the SATS

Problem solving (multi step)



We value the supportive role parents play and encourage links between home and school. We aim to:

  • Involve parents as much as possible in their children’s language development by encouraging them to read with their children, listen to them read and discuss what they have read, and use a school reading diary to encourage the link between home and school
  • Encourage and welcome parents help in listening to children read in school and find their help invaluable


Reception to Year 2:

Phonics and daily reading 


 Year 3 to Year 5: 

Spelling and daily reading


Year 6:


Daily reading

Comprehension skills

Weekly SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) revision