Servite Roman Catholic Primary School

Parish Links


At Servite, we are privileged to have such a special bond with Our Lady of Dolours, our school parish.

From class visits to regular celebrations in the church, we work as a community to nurture the spiritual lives of our children. So many of our current – and past - pupils give up their time to become altar servers and to sing with the church choir, which we feel is testament to our sense of community.

School Mass

It is a priority as a Catholic school to foster an understanding of the faith, which is why we teach our children how to worship in a formal setting from a young age.

Our Key Stage Two classes take it in turn to attend a weekly Mass where they recognise the importance of respect and reverence and what is expected of them in a church setting. We encourage the children to take part in singing, prayer and communion when they join us in celebration.

Family Mass

We come together on a monthly basis as a whole school community to celebrate Family Mass. Our Key Stage Two children lead the celebration, which takes place at 10am on Sundays.

Pupils take responsibility for the readings and bidding prayers and our School Choir raise the roof with their wonderful singing voices!

Visits from the Friars

The parish team visit our children on a regular basis. These visits allow our pupils to get to know the priests and to ask any questions they may have related to current RE topics or to the liturgical year. We recognise how fortunate we are to have these close links and continue to look for ways to ensure that this relationship flourishes.  

Sacrament of The Eucharist

Year 3 is an important year in the spiritual lives of our children. The school support the parish in offering the opportunity to grow in their faith and  o encourage children to take part in the parish First Holy Communion Programme.

Attending classes after school, the children begin to nurture a more in-depth understanding of their faith and learn how to live a more spiritual life, culminating in a wonderful celebration in the church with friends and family in the Summer Term.